Fashion Trends for Types of Body Shapes and Sizes

If you were granted to change something about your body, what would it be? Well, I figured you had an answer. Actually, everyone wants to change something in their appearance. In reality, we are flawed one way or another. I’m sure you’ve already heard this but truth be told, ‘no one is perfect’ and that’s a fact.

Even the highest paid and most famous celebrities and models have something about their body that they want to change- you’re not alone. A large number of people (men and women) would like to change something in their body.

Some would want to have a curvy figure because they’re too flat or skinny and other’s would want to trade their curvy shape for a skinnier body, some would even like to go under the knife to have their breast size enlarged or have them adjusted to a smaller size. It’s all about aiming to look beautiful in the eyes of others and yourself.

Unfortunately, not all are blessed with wealth or good health; so for most people, cosmetic surgery is not an option and out of the question. Of course, exercise can be a great alternative but not everyone can commit to a healthy lifestyle either. This is when hopelessness comes in and many think and feel they are stuck in a rut and will never get the opportunity to change for the better.

Nonetheless, there’s always a good side to everything. Though you can’t change the way your body is, you may be able to change your body’s appearance with the help of fashion and great styling tricks and techniques.

Though there are some fashion styles and trends that may look good on others and in turn may not suit you, there’s no need to feel disappointed. Fashion isn’t restricted or limited to a certain body shape, size or weight. Fashion comes in all forms of sizes, shapes and styles. If you have a small frame ideally, you belong to the petite section of clothing; and if you have a heavy frame, there’s also a section made especially for you called the ‘plus’ size. As well as for special conditions like for pregnant women, fashionable clothes are available as well.

If you are fond of sports or the gym, there are stylish gym wear as well as swimwear out in the market. Brands like Nike and Adidas are popular sports labels. Sports and gym garments are especially designed and fabricated to suit your needs as an athlete.

These clothing sizes as mentioned above are just some categories to name a few. Here’s an overview of the clothing sizes categories for more information:

  • Junior – Designed to suit a young body with less curves, small bust and less definition between the waist and hips. Junior sizes are commonly in odd numbers from 1-15; they tend to be more casual and trendy and are more suitable for school, casual outings or internships.
  • Misses – Designed to fit girls who have just blossomed out of their teens, with a developed figure and a few more curves. They are often seen in even numbers from 0 to 16, 0 being the smallest and 16 being the largest in this category. You can find great styles in this section that are best for casual to office to formal events.
  • Petites – Designed for women with a shorter body between 5 ft. to 5’4” in height. They usually say if you’re skinny, you belong to the petites section but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is so as petites section denotes garments for someone shorter than average. While Petite Plus is for someone short and full figured.
  • Women’s – This term for a size range  is actually somewhat out of date. Lately, most garments marketed as women’s nowadays are actually ‘misses’ in size. If the size label has a W printed on the side of the size then, it is considered ‘women’s’ otherwise, it isn’t. This category are for the more mature ladies and often have a cut providing more room to move, the styles are often mature and not as attractive as in the other categories. There are times for instance when a woman in her 50’s may have no interest in loose, unflattering clothes as she desires to flaunt her still shapely and well-kept figure ; in this case, the true woman’s size and style isn’t applicable and therefore falls out of favour. In the women’s section, elastic waist pants, full length skirts, and short sleeve blouses are often women’s wardrobe staples. Fabrics are more ‘stretchy’ like polyester, polyester-cotton blends, and stretch polyester since at this age, all you really need is comfort above style.
  • Pluses – Clothes in the ‘plus’ section are especially made for the full-figured woman with a D-cup breast size or bigger. There are stylish and chic clothes available in this category but since we have to be mindful of the body shape, styles and cuts are limited to fewer options.

And then there are clothes made to suit your lifestyle:

  • Maternity – Maternity wear is ideally made for pregnant women; support is essential while still managing to stay in style.
  • Sports – Dry fit fabrics and absorbent clothes for daily activities, gym wear and sometimes including swimwear are sold in the sports section. You can find long before established sports clothing labels like Speedo, Nike and Adidas which remain very much in trend today.
  • Lingerie – This area or category provides women undergarments from basic to kinky styles – whether your bride-to-be or just need something sexy, everything’s available in all types of colors and fabrics.

Whatever your body shape, frame, weight or lifestyle is, you should be able to find clothes that fit you. When shopping for fashion trends, the most important thing above all is comfort. Buy clothes that you feel comfortable in, if you buy something stylish but end up not wearing it because you’re not too comfortable in it, chances are you end up wasting money. If you aren’t too sure where to purchase clothes, you can check out the shopping mall, outlet stores (don’t forget to wait for clearance sales!), and online fashion stores. Otherwise, if you can’t really find something for you, the best thing to do is have something customized and tailored to fit you perfectly.